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Nutriton Basics & Advice

Health & Nutrition topics

Dr. Carvalho answers nutrition questions

How much protein do we REALLY need? Is the RDA too low??

How to live a long life | The Science of Longevity

TOP 10 Potassium rich foods (NOT bananas!)

Best Iron foods: Everything you need to know about iron

All about Vitamin B12

Cholesteol and heart disease

Cholesterol and heart disease

Atherosclerosis: cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides

High TRIGLYCERIDES on a Plant Based diet? | The SOLUTION!

LDL Cholesterol level: Your lab results explained

Everything you need to know about Lp(a) 


Scientist Answers: do Eggs raise your Cholesterol??

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 3.16.59 PM.png

Can thin people get Diabetes?

Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 3.15.34 PM.png

What causes Diabetes?

Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 3.16.26 PM.png

How to reverse diabetes

Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD


Best diet(s) for diabetes

Dr. Carvalho and Dr. Guess


Statins and Diabetes

Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD


Reversing Diabetes naturally (The basics)

Jason Fung, MD


Fasting to Reverse Diabetes

Michael Greger, MD,

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

NAFLD explained

Alila medical media, animation

Dr. Greger on fatty liver

How not to get NAFLD

Michael Greger, MD,

How to avoid fatty liver

M. Greger, MD,

Dementia & Alzhemier's

How to prevent Alzheimer's with diet

M. Greger, MD,

Cholesterol and Alzheimer's

M. Greger, MD,

Alzheimer's and atheroscerlosis of the brain

M. Greger, MD,

Effects of obesity on dementia and brain function

Michael Geger, MD,

Alzheimer's may start decade before diagnosis

M. Greger, MD,

Brain healthy foods to fight aging

M. Greger, MD,

Other interesting health related topics

Addiction: why we can't fast or keep a diet

P. Jamnadas, MD

Amazing Fasting Benefits

P. Jamnadas, MD

Dangers of Sugar and high insulin levels

Pradip Jamnada, MD

Best & Worst breakfast foods

Pradip Jamnada, MD

Reasons we fail at intermittent fasting

Pradip Jamnada, MD

Is moderate alcohol heart healthy?

Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD

Benefits of cold exposure

Rhonda Patrick, PhD


Rhonda Patrick, PhD.

Additional Health Topics

How Sleep affects our hunger (Ghrelin) and fullness (Leptin) hormones

Weight loss tips and mythsNutrition made Simple, Dr. Carvalho

Saturated vs unsaturated fatDr. Carvalho

Ultimate Sleep RoutineTom Bilyeu, Health Impact

ABCD's of Vitamins

Why having fun is the secret to healthier life, TED talk

Harvard study on health & happiness in adults

Marijuana and your BrainAndrew Huberman, PhDStanford Neuroscientist

Alcohol affects on Gut Microbiome and leaky gut Andrew Huberman, PhD

Plant Based MasterclassRich Roll podcast

Longevity MasterclassRich Roll podcast

Miracle morningHal Elrod

Eating habits keeping us unhealthyGil Carvalho, MD, PhD

9 tips to eat healthy on a budgetGil Carvalho, MD, PhD

How much protein do we need?Gil Carvalho, MD, PhD

What's the best diet for humans?Christopher Gardner, PhD

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