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Learn your "why"....

Understanding "why" you want to make positive changes in your life is the first step. 

Take a few moments to write down your "whys". This will help you to stay focused on and committed to your Wellness journey. 

You will learn about the 4 pillars of health (nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness) which are the foundation of our Wellness.  

Please review these materials as often as you can because knowledge is power!


Pillar One: Nutrition

Plant-based nutrition

(Plant-based nutrition can prevent and even reverse chronic diseases).  

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Caloric & Nutrient Densities

Fat & oils have up to 30-40 times more calories than fruits and vegetables. 

Please click on the links below to learn more: 

Jeff Novick, MS, RD: Calorie Density- How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer 

Calorie Density: an overview

Calorie Density: secret to sustained weight loss.

Review the bar graph below. Eat primarily from the foods represented by the green bars (veggies, fruits, unrefined complex carbs and legumes). 

UnReCC = unrefined carbs

RefCC = refined carbs




Pillar two: Exercise

Regular exercise improves health/wellness and prolongs life. 

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Fatty liver disease

Learn what causes and how to reverse fatty liver disease


Some of our Favorite Books

Check out some of our favorite books that we recommend.

How Not to Die: Michael Greger, MD

Feel Better in 5: Rangan Chatterjee, MD

How Not to Diet: Michael Greger, MD

This Is Your Brain on Food

Book info

Why We Sleep


Tiny Habits: BJ Fogg, PhD


More great educational resources

Check out some of our favorite videos and podcasts

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Additional Wellness Topics

Mindset / Attitude / Purpose

Why Your Excuses Will Ruin You | Rich Roll on Impact Theory

Mindset and success, Tom Bilyeu, Feel Better Live More (FBLM) podcast, 4/20 #110

Michael Klaper, MD, Get off your “Buts”, #10, Plant strong podcast

This One Hack Will Help You Take Control of Your Brain | Mel Robbins on Impact Theory

The ONLY Video You Need To Find Your TRUE PURPOSE In Life | TOP 5 Best Advice

Speeches | Goalcast Jay Shetty

Michael Strahan: Impact theory Escaping the Matrix and finding happiness

Jay Shetty: Impact theory. How to find your purpose

Nir Ejal indistractable
break free from limitations of your mind, #121, FBLM

VS Ramachandran: legendary neuroscientist building your brain for success
Wim Hof, Icemath cometh, RR, Elevating consciousness & human potential How to change your brain, A. Guberman, RR, 7/20/20

Intermittent Fasting

  1. Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique

  2. Fasting as a Therapeutic option for weight loss.

  3. Why intermittent fasting bolsters brain power

  4. Why when you eat matters, FBLM,#21

  5. Stop snacking and start fasting. UH, #369 

  6. What to Eat, when to eat. Exam Room, 8/22/18.

  7. Valter Longo, PhD: Fasting for longevity, Rich Roll, 5/21/18

  8. Our broken plate, intermittent fasting, Rich Roll, 2/8/16

  9. Reset with intermittent fasting, UH, #294

Food addiction/ craving

Neal Barnard, MD, Exam Room podcast, 2/21/19, Food addiction, why we can stop eating.

Neal Barnard, MD; Exam Room podcast, 1/2/18, what foods are addicting?

Neal Barnard, MD, the cheese trap - breaking the addiction.

Michael Furhman, MD, Food addiction and emotional overeating

Powerful Speech by Dr. Fuhrman: Food Addiction & Emotional Overeating

Ruairi Robertson Food for thought: TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica
Food Addiction: Why We Can't Stop Eating, Exam room.

Exam Room, 8/22/18, Adam Sud, overcoming severe food addiction

Nutrion facts podcast, M. Greger, MD, Nutrition and Addiction. 6/28/18

Crushing fast food addiction, Plant strong podcast, ep. 7
The craving mind, finding joy in meditation, overcoming addiction, #374, UH

Addiction is not a choice, Rich Roll podcast, 10/26/15

Breaking the dairy addiction, Neal Barnard, RR, 6/19/17

Inspirational stories

  1. Marc Ramirez, ER former UM football player

  2. Adam Sud. RR, Lost 100# on plant based diet, reversed DM2, overcame addiction

  3. John Lewis Bad Ass Vegan

  4. Josh LaJaunie, RR & ER podcast

  5. Fat, sick and nearly dead


The Fatty Liver Rx Podcast

This podcast is created by our very own wellness team! Give it a listen!

Misty Slope
Misty Slope

More Patient Videos


Our Favorite Recipe Resources

When you see our dietitian, we hand out a copy of the book below that applies to your choice of transition diet.

How Not to Die Cookbook

Inspired by the research based book by Dr. Michael Greger, one of many whole-food plant-based doctors who use research to support their stance on nutrition. This cookbook offers a ton of Whole-food Plant-based recipes!


Oldways Mediterranean Cookbook

This cookbook offers 28 days worth of recipes coming from the Mediterranean diet. This is still full of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, but offers a diet including meat at limited quantities.

Oldways Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Menu Plan

This cookbook offers vegan and vegetarian recipes for 28 days for those that choose a more plant-centric transition diet.

Bright Idea Bulb

Additional Resources

Here we have additional tools that may help you be successful on your wellness journey!


Wellness Warriors Introduction

This link connects to a youtube video in which Dr. Gunaratnam describes our program and its features.

Wellness Program Description

Check out this article authored by our very own program director, Dr. Gunaratnam. He explains the importance of a wellness program in a GI setting in a very compelling way!

This website is put together by Dr. Michael Greger, the author of How Not to Die and one of the inspirations the the plant-based diet we recommend. This website has tons of information based on research and is fun to explore and use to learn more about plant based nutrition!

Forks Over Knives

The documentary on Netflix is a recommended watch for anyone interested in the plant-based lifestyle. The cookbook is fantastic. The cooking classes are highly rated. The link below can help you learn more about all the above and more!

Mediterranean Diet Resource

If you are interested in learning more about the mediterranean diet, click the link below!

The Four Pillar Plan

Another book by Dr. Chatterjee that we really enjoy is the Four Pillar Plan! Check out more information about this as well as how to get the book.

Huron Gastro

For more about our practice as whole, click below.

A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Plant Based Diet!

This great link is helpful for anyone looking to learn about how to start living the whole-food plant-based lifestyle!

Our Plant-Based Transition Guide

This is a basic transition guide we offer our patients that choose to pursue a plant-based lifestyle.

Our Mediterranean Transition Guide

This is a basic transition guide we offer our patients who are interested in pursuing the Mediterranean lifestyle when transitioning.

Green Shakes

These healthy green shakes are easy to make and very adjustable. You can use these for breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner, or whatever you like! Dr. G likes them for breakfast!


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