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Pillar # 1: Nutrition

Mediterranean & Whole food, Plant-based diet and lifestyle

Dietary patterns focused on whole, plant-based foods while reducing intake of animal products, especially red and processed meats, are great ways to support optimal health.

Nutrition Made Simple
Gil Carvalho takes on health myths and fact-checks viral "health" videos 

Scientist Fact-Checks the "Game Changers" Documentary

Posted: Oct 2019

Length: 14 min

"How to Stick to a Diet"

"Key Mindset Shift"

"How to start eating healthier today"

Part 1

"How to start eating healthier today"

Part 2

What does a Healthy Eating Plate look like ?  

(See infographic below)

Use the "Healthy Eating Plate" illustration below as a guide for your daily meal preparation. As noted above, certain fats and oils may be healthy but very high in calories, so limit them when weight loss is the goal.  

USU Human Performance "Power Plate"

Visit the Physicians Committee to learn more about the plant-based nutritional guidelines for adults:

Improve Your Food and Nutritional Knowledge

Learn more about food and nutrition facts

Please click on the links below to learn more: 

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Nutrition Made Simple!

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Nutrition Made Simple!

"Protein Quality | Animal v. Plant, PDCAAS, DIAAS


Nutrition Made Simple!

"We're all confused about Red Meat. Here's Why.


Nutrition Made Simple!

"Scientist Answers: do Eggs raise your Cholesterol??"


Nutrition Made Simple!

"Saturated vs Unsaturated Fat | Eat or Avoid?"


Nutrition Made Simple!

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