The Steps to Wellness with Orbera

  1. The Orbera program begins with a phone call to our Orbera Nurse Navigator at (734)-476-2964

  2. Our Orbera Nurse will speak with you and help determine you are medically eligible for the procedure.If medically eligible for the program, you will then meet with the program physician and a date will be set.

  3. ​Once in the program you’ll have access to participate in Weekly Wellness Meetings, frequent contact with our nurse navigator and two Fit3D scans for an entire year.

  4. The balloon is removed after 6 months. Though, you will continue to have access to the above support and guidance of the wellness team for the following 6 months!

  5. For more information, please call (734)-476-2964 or email HGW@hurongastro.com!


Orbera Website and Vidoes

Click Below to visit Orbera's webiste or view their videos of how the procedure works. Click the learn more button above to contact our office wiht any inquiries about the procedure.


Orbera Patient Testimonials

Watch and listen to some real patient experiences.


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