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Liver elastography is a non-invasive test your healthcare provider can use this to learn about your liver’s health. Non-invasive means nothing is put inside your body.

FibroScan is a type of liver elastography. FibroScan is a special ultrasound technology that measures liver stiffness (hardness) and fatty changes in your liver. These measurements help your healthcare provider learn more about your liver disease.

Here are some helpful terms to know related to your FibroScan results:

  • Fibrosis (fy-BROH-sis): Scarring in your liver.

  • Liver stiffness: Hardness of the liver related to liver scarring.

  • Fatty change: An abnormal buildup of fat in your liver.

  • Steatosis (STEE-uh-toh-sis): A condition caused by having too much fat in your liver.

  • CAP score: The way the percentage of fatty change in your liver is measured.

Fibrosis and steatosis are measured separately from one another. Your healthcare provider will talk with you about your results during your appointment.

The rest of this resource explains your FibroScan results in more detail. You can keep reading to learn more about your results.

Scan Prep


To help provide the absolute best member experience, Good Medicine has partnered with FIT3D, the world’s leader in 3D body scanning technology. 

In a single 40 second, non-invasive scan, members can capture circumference measurements, body composition, posture analysis, BodyShape Rating (BSR), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and much more.  It also shows you how you compare against healthy ranges and against others of your same gender and age.  

Plus, a 3D avatar to help you visually track your progress from any device anywhere in the world. You will be able to compare your baseline scan to any future scan so you can easily monitor, track and see the progress you’re making toward your fitness goals! 

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